Early Childhood Education Family & Staff Handbook:

Welcome to Preschool!

We are very excited to work with you to make school a great experience for your preschool child. Our classrooms follow a curriculum for learning new skills in a fun and educational way, that will prepare them for kindergarten. Here are a few procedures that will help the school year run smoothly:

Emergency Contact Sheet: Please keep your child's Emergency Contact Sheet up-to-date throughout the year. You may add/remove adults who are authorized to pick up your child in the Main Office, plus change/add phone numbers for your household. Only individuals over 16 years old, with photo ID, who are named on the Emergency Card will be authorized to pick-up your child from school. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Snacks: We provide a free milk and snack program for every classroom. Please talk with your child’s teacher if you want to provide snacks for the classroom to share on special occasions. 

School Supplies: Providing school supplies for preschool is optional. If you would like to donate materials for building use, please ask your child's teacher what is needed or pick up a copy of the current year's school supply list in the Main Office.

Drop-off: Each classroom has a sign-in/out sheet. You are required to sign-in/out your child each day. If you arrive more than 10 minutes late, please come through the front office, as classrooms are in session. Please plan to arrive on time each day to avoid disrupting the classroom routine.

Pick-up: For your child’s safety, a picture I.D. must be shown each time when signing your student out. It is very important that your child is picked up on time each day! If you are running late, please call the office to let us know. Please note: the Family Handbook states that repeated late pick-ups may result in the student being withdrawn from the preschool program.

Absences: If your child is going to be absent, you must call the front office (303) 400-0863 to report the absence and state the reason for the absence. You may leave a message during non-office hours, but please be sure to spell the child's first and last name, state the room number and session they attend, and provide the reason for the absence. Please note: ECE policy states that a student may be withdrawn for excessive absences, especially unexcused absences.

Parking Lot: Please use designated, marked areas for parking in the parking lot or on the neighborhood street. It is illegal to park in Fire Lanes, which include the entire perimeter of the parking lot, in front of the dumpsters and in front of the fire hydrant. A $75.00 parking ticket will be issued by the City of Aurora Fire Department to any cars parked in Fire Lanes. DO NOT park in the bus circle. Do not leave other children unattended in your vehicle. Handicapped spaces are to be used only for vehicles who have a current handicap placard, which must be visibly displayed on the rear-view mirror. No exceptions!

Cell Phones/Pets: Please do not use your cell phone while on school grounds. Use this time to interact with your child and the staff. District policy states that dogs are not allowed on school grounds when students are in attendance, for safety and allergy reasons. Other household pets may not be brought into school, unless you have prior authorization from a school administrator.

Schedule: Students attend class Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. There is no school on Fridays. Students are placed by the ECE Department into one of our two sessions: 9:15 a.m. – 12:15 p.m. or 1:00 p.m. – 4 p.m. If you need to request a transfer to a different session, please call the ECE Office to make that request. Their number is 303-364-9371. The APS Preschool Calendar is available in the Main Office, on the district web-site and is detailed on our website's calendar page.

Visitors: For the safety and security of our students, all guests are required to sign-in at the front desk through our Raptor System, present a photo ID and wear a visitor’s badge at all times. Parents are encouraged to visit their child's classroom throughout the year. Short, well planned visits provide a better understanding of the child's school experience rather than long, unscheduled visits. Visitors must follow all parking lot rules and laws.

Change of Address: If you change your address, you may change it online at Central Admissions or in person at the school site. Only parents/legal guardians are allowed to make an address change with current photo ID and district approved proof of address.

For more information about address changes and what documents are needed, please visit APS Centralized Admissions website at

Their address and contact information is:

11th Ave. and Peoria St.

Educational Services Center 4 (ESC 4)

1085 Peoria St.

Aurora, CO 80011

303-326-2200 or fax at 303-326-1292

7:30 a.m.-4 p.m. Monday-Friday

No appointment necessary

Si cambia de dirección,

11th Ave. y Peoria St.

Educational Services Center 4 (ESC 4)

1085 Peoria St.

Aurora, CO 80011

Contacto por teléfono: 303-326-2200 o por fax: 303-326-1292


7:30 a.m.-4 p.m. Lunes a Viernes

No es necesario hacer una cita.


(incluyendo las vacaciones de otoño, invierno [solo una semana], primavera y verano), excluyendo días festivos