Visiting School:

Parents are encouraged to visit their child's classroom throughout the year. Please make arrangements in advance with the child's teacher. Short, well-planned visits provide a better understanding of the child's school experience rather than long, unscheduled visits. Since small children, particularly infants, tend to distract the pupils, we ask that parents not bring young children when visiting their child's classroom. Children not enrolled at the school must be accompanied by an adult when visiting school.

All visitors must check in and sign in/out at the main office and provide a photo ID.


Volunteers are welcome to assist at school as needed. To become a volunteer please read and follow the steps.

COVID Vaccine Requirement: APS has a mandatory vaccination requirement that applies to Volunteers and Partners working in all APS sites. Proof of vaccination must be presented to school staff at the time the Volunteer/Partner is confirmed to perform work.

To register, the Volunteer/Partner is to do the following:

  1. Complete the online Volunteer/Partner Screening and Badge Request Form to start the process.

  2. After completing that form, the confirmation screen will show you a link to the Sterling Volunteers website along with a "good deed code" to use in order for APS to pay the background check fee. This also ensures we receive the results.

In addition, the school/site where the Volunteer/Partner will work will do the following:

  1. At the time the school designee (office staff, family liaison, etc.) confirms the need for a volunteer, they will need to obtain a copy of the volunteer’s ID and a current picture of the applicant.

  1. The APS staff member will also need to complete the Volunteer/Partner Approval Form electronically, and that form will prompt them to attach the ID and picture files of the volunteer/partner they are approving. You will be asked about vaccine requirement verification on this form.

The security office needs to receive and confirm that all steps above have been completed before approving and printing a Volunteer/Partner badge. Once printed, the badge will be sent via interschool mail to the APS site where the Volunteer or Partner will be helping (no exceptions).

Volunteer Days Tuesdays and Thursdays

Volunteers help with a variety of duties; preparing classroom materials for all teachers, playground helpers with set-up or clean-up of equipment, attending committee meetings, snack set-up, delivering milk and help with special events throughout the year; parent coffee, parent day, book fair, picture day, fire safety, etc.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer and need additional information, please call the school at 303-400-0863.